Our existence, as an institution and as a teacher solely depend on the existence of our students. We guarantee an equal education opportunity without regard to gender, marital status, color, race, religion, national origin, or disability. we believe in the transformational power of a college education to impart knowledge and enlightenment in a global society. We believe higher education is a privilege, and that an educated person has a responsibility not only to seek personal and professional success but also to contribute to a greater good. The following core values support these beliefs. They are fundamental to the success of the College and its community, reflecting the College educational experience and guiding the College in its mission and decision making at all levels.


  1. Students deserve excellence and we are committed to provide them excellence in education. We are obliged to provide best educational experience to our students.
  2. Multidimensional development with excellence is our priority.
  3. We are dedicated to positive transformation through research, innovation and creative works.


We are committed to ensure that every employ of the College is accountable for their work and responsibility towards students and the College.


We are committed to the cultivation of positive relationships between, and common experiences among, students, faculty and staff.


We are committed to create an academic institution where a variety of persons and perspectives are welcome. We are committed to providing an environment where students from all cultures and backgrounds may succeed.


We are committed to create an institution and a society where everyone is appreciated and judged based on their contributions and performance rather than gender, race, religion, physical abilities, sexual identity or socio-economic condition.