• The department of geography consist of two Teachers and lab attendant.
  • Department of geography offers Geography subject in B.A , and as general paper.
  • Department has been applied Instruments and different maps for practical based learning.


  • To provide students with knowledge about the earth’s natural environment and its relationship to society.
  • To provide students with knowledge about the world’s peoples, nations, cultural environments and spatial organization.
  • acquiring and providing ability to students to interpret the distribution and process of natural and Human phenomena


  • The Department of Geography’s mission is to provide its students with educational experiences of the highest quality and to conduct vital research that produces valuable publications


  Sr. No Name of the Teacher Designation Qualification 
01Prof. Mahemoodur Rahman H. O. D M.Sc., B.Ed.(Geography)
02Prof. Abdullah DaniyalAssist Prof.M. Sc., SET