MGV’s Arts and commerce college has planned a long term plan for the strategic development of the college. This planning is made on the basis of the recommendations laid by the NAAC peer team in the second cycle. The plan is as under;

Academic and Educational Strategic Plan:

  1. To introduce new courses in accordance with the needs and requirements: As this is under the recommendation of the NAAC Second Cycle that new programmes to be introduced and the need and requirements of the locality must be considered. The college started B.Sc., B.Voc, DCAT since 2013.
  2. To introduced skill based courses to target the employability. The college has only conventional courses which are basically for the purpose of degree and certificates. After passing the degree the students are not much more employable as compare to professional courses. The college has a comprehensive plan for the introduction of new skill based courses which be short term and will help students to get the employability. The college has started community college and B.Voc course along with various certificate courses.
  3. Faculty development to cater the emerging trends and demands in education especially in pedagogy: The College has planned to develop the faculty to cope with the recent  educational  trends as It is an urgent need of today’s educational scenario to develop the faculty in ICT.
  4. To sign MOUs with the Industries and other stakeholders to cater the students’ demand of the practical Knowledge: As the college has planned to introduce new skill based courses for the training the Industry partners will be required. The Maximum number of collaboration will provide better opportunities for the students and we will be able to deploy a best quality of skill full employ to the industry.
  5. To establish an active placement cell for the placement of the students. The college has a plan to establish a Placement cell . The placement cell will look after the placement of students and provide every possible opportunity for the students. It will arrange various programmes like job fair, interaction with industry representatives and with entrepreneurs.
  6. To establish Competitive Examination cell and usher the students in the field of Competitive Examination. An active competitive examination cell will provide the students to participate and prepare for various competitive examination. It will also provide information regarding the 
  7. To introduce new certificate courses to develop a specific skill in the students. Short term skill oriented courses for regular students will provide opportunity to the students to enrich the said skill with the regular education.
  8. To develop the contents for ICT  teaching and to utilize the educational applications for teaching and learning process.

The Future will be of digital technology and to survive in this digital and competitive world, the students and the teachers must equipped with the tools of educational advancement. Having this in mind the institution gives extra attention to the technological development of the students and teachers and by the end of this plan the college is planning to have a reservoir of Powerpoint presentation in every subjects and a sufficient collection of PDF books. The college has planned to develop ICT enabled classrooms.  

Plan  For Infrastructural Development: 

  • To develop a student friendly campus

As the college has its building in the heart of the city and the exceeding strength and the the proposed courses will require a new campus and the college has plan to find out a suitable place for the infrastructural development of the college.

  • To develop suitable number of ICT enabled classrooms.

The college has planned to develop suitable number  ICT enabled classrooms. It will envisage the vision of college to cope with the needs of today’s educational needs.

  • To develop computer labs
  • The college has planned to develop a computer lab to envisage the vision of short term and skill based courses and to provide the skill full candidates to the society and the industry.
  • To develop indoor stadium and Gymkhana.
  • To develop the campus as WIFI enabled campus.

Plan For the Development of Administration:

  •  Online Admission

The college has a comprehensive plan for the online admission. The Online admission procedure  will consist, online merit form submission, display of merit list and waiting list for transparency in admission process, admission  etc.

  • Digitalisation of office work

The college has planned to digitalize the office work. The plan is One Working table with one Computer, printer and Scanner.

  • To connect the office with high speed internet networking.