The Malegaon, being one of the informal and decentralized power loom towns, it was necessary to make people economically literate the College started the Department of Economics in 1971 with the establishment of the College. During the last 5 decades, the Department has been producing economics graduates and Commerce graduates who joined their ancestors’ businesses, started their own businesses, became CAs, tax consultants, lawyers, bankers, teachers, etc., and serve quite differently in their respective fields. The department always has well-efficient and highly qualified professors as well as mentors who are a source of inspiration for students. To relate the curriculum to the business world and the requirements of locals, the department organizes seminars, lectures, and group discussions on general budget, tax structure, GST, Demonetization, Digitalization, bank merger, and e-banking, economics and employability and other economic issues. Moreover, to encourage the student to opt for economics as a special subject, at the beginning of the academic year Department conducts subject counseling and remedial classes for new students who come from non-English medium schools and are considered as weaker in their education. The final goal is to achieve the vision, mission, and objectives of the department.


Educating the locals, to professional formation, and to empowering for competitive economic world.


Through excellence learning-teaching methods, create awareness of local and international economic conditions and develop ability to analyze and evaluate real world economic situations which could be implemented to resolve challenges of competitive world.


The Objectives of the department of Economics are given as under.

  • To provide thorough knowledge about the economic theories, issues and development.
  • To relate the topic with real world scenario.
  • To create logical critical thinking and problem-solving skills among the students.
  • To develop strategic economic planning skills.
  • To prepare the students to face modern challenges & global competition.
  • To motivate for excellence in academic, research, competitive exams and higher education.


S. No.Name of the FacultyDesignationQualification
1Dr. Hamdani RizwanaHOD, Associate ProfessorMA, SET, Ph.D.
2Prof. Shaikh RahimAssistance ProfessorMA, SET
3Prof. Saad AamirAssistance ProfessorMA B.Ed.