Dear students,

They dream a luxury and build a luxurious home. We dream knowledge and build an institution.

Indeed, an institution is always better than a luxurious home.

Immensely pleased, indeed, to welcome you to MGV’s Arts, Commerce and Science College, Malegaon City. I, as a leader, do proudly honor you to be the part of this deemed institute. It will bring you an enormous prestige to be in this tragi- modern culturally well- equipped institute. We are ‘one’ with the way of the world due to our fast forward IT enhancement wherein you are provided  study material through technology thereby enabling you keep pace with your future professional life. Not only academically but ethically too, does our college lead its way aiming at imparting values among you.

Our college started its mission with handful of students resulting into a grand caravan of successive generations of students. This was possible only because of our collective efforts combined with sincerity and devotion.

The quality of our academic program, the tireless toil of our faculty, the healthy interaction between faculty and students and the pool of academic and other activities attract students.

Our college will aim at notably enhancing the knowledge and skills of students in their specialized fields and also to motivate them so that they can fulfil their dreams.

I dream to impart values, ethics, culture and tradition through modern technology. I dream of making your dreams come true.