Code of conduct for students:-

1) To wear I-Card through the neckline is mandatory for every student of the college. Students should carry their I-Card during the tour, excursions, and Industrial visit and produce it whenever is demanded by any staff member.
2) During lectures, students should not loiter in and around the college premises.
3) Students are mirrors of the college hence while representing the college anywhere, students should behave properly and should not harm the image of the college.
4) Students are instructed not to bring any outsider, friend, or any person who is harmful to the college and may raise any kind of obstacle to the smooth functioning of the college.
5) Students are instructed not to collect any kind of fund in the college or outside of college for college causes, if want to do so, prior written permission is required from the Principal.
6) Students shall not organize any picnic, tour, visit or any kind of get together by their own and prior written permission of the Principal.
7) The Principal is the final authority, and in any kind of indiscipline, will be liable to take necessary action.
8) There is no dress code but the students should maintain their self-respect as student, and should not wear the cloth which does not suit for an educational institute.
9) The UGC already declared ‘Ragging’ as cognizable offence hence strict action will be taken against the student /students who will be found guilty.

Code of conduct for teaching staff:-
1) ‘Every student is equal’ A teacher should provide equal opportunity to them.
2) There should not be any kind of discrimination towards students on the basis of religion, cast, language, region and creed.
3) Individual Talent should not be suppressed, hence the teacher must recognize the differences in aptitude and capabilities among the students and strive to meet their individual needs.
4) Project yourself as an ideal human being and as an ideal personality so that the same will be copied by the students.
5) Motivate students to improve their attainments, develop personality and the feeling for community welfare.
6) Inculcate among them the scientific outlook and respect for physical labour and ideals of democracy, patriotism and peace.
7) Concentrate to develop Research and Development method among the student.
8) Assessment always been unfavorable and attention should be paid on the attainments of the students.
9) Inculcate and enhance the respect of nationalism, national goals and national heritage of the nation, among the students.
10) Avoid to stir up students against other students,
colleagues and administration.
11) Avoid using any intoxicated materials, chewing of tobacco, pan, and gutkha in college premises.

Code of conduct for non-teaching or Administrative staff:-
Non teaching and administrative staff is as important as the teaching staff is.The attainment of college interest depends upon the availability of professional ethics in administrative staff.Every administrative staff member should follow the code of conduct for the development of the college and for the smooth functioning of the college activities
1) Maintenance of record, documents, data and students information must be secured, hence it is collective responsibility of every administrative staff member to make privacy and security of the records and information
2) Accuracy of Records:- Every record must be accurate and should be useful for the college.
3) All the administrative staff of the college should avoide to perception of or actual conflict of interest that might compromise their integrity and objectivity.Every kind of either financial, personal or professsional nature must be disclosed.
4) Avoid to use any intoxicated materials, chewing of tobacco, pan and gutkha in college premises.
5) Honesty and professional ethics are the core values of any profession and also very important for development and integrity of the college
6) Lobbying and grouping must be avoided.
7) Every member should ensure the safety measures and the protection methods during work and at work place.
8) Every confidential information such as financial information, students’ data, Research and Development activities must be protected.