Students Grievances Cell

As per UGC (Grievance Redressal ) Regulations, 2018, the composition of the College Grievance Redressal Committee (CGRC) is ;

S. No Name Designation
1 Principal S. C. Hale Chairman
2 Dr. Arif Anjum Member
3 Dr. Hamdani Rizwana Member


⮚ To settle genuine grievances of students.

⮚ To upgrade the transparent atmosphere  among students to staff

⮚ To create a healthy relationship between students and staff.



Students’ grievances and redressal cell has been formed in the college for redressing the grievances and complaints lodged by students whatever the students may encounter.

A women’s forum is functioning within the cell for taking up issues related to the women separately.

Anti-ragging cell is also functioning separately.

The students approach the committee with their grievances related to academic matters, drinking water facility, cleanliness, fees installments, examination-related issues, or any other issues. The committee redresses or sorts out the problems elegantly and resolved them within a time frame looking at their seriousness. The committee redresses complaints/grievances whenever required.

This mechanism gives a pleasant atmosphere and good work culture in the institution and a good understanding among students and staff.

 Student’s Grievances and Redressal committee enquires and analyses the nature of the issue and the coordinator forwards it to the Principal / Vice-principal, after sorting out the seriousness of the grievances, corrective measures are taken by the committee.