Vocational Education Department

Department of Vocational Education was started in the year 2014-15. With the objective of providing skill education and employment opportunities to the students. In the year 2015 University Grants Commission sanctioned Scheme of Community College to run a diploma course namely Diploma in Computerized Accounting and Taxation to our college for a period of two years with funding of about 62 lakhs. Later in the year 2018-19, UGC again sanctioned the course for two years. In between UGC sanctioned us the degree course of B.Voc with the specialisation of B.Voc in Accounting and Taxation in the year 2018-19 with a grant of 1.04 crores for three years.

College in alignment with the objective of ‘minimum education with maximum employment opportunity’, as instructed by UGC designed short term and skill based courses with the valuable suggestions by the industry partners, who are associated with the college by the bonding of about 50 MoUs (Memorandum of Understandings). The college constituted Advisory Board for running NSQF courses as per the guidelines of UGC. The Board of Studies was also constituted in order to frame and revise the syllabus as per the requirement of local powerloom industry. For this subject expert academicians, industry partner businessmen and professionals working in the field of accounting and taxation are appointed. The syllabus framed and designed by the Board of Studies of college was approved by the Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune. The assessments of the students are conducted by Skill Assessment Board set up by the college under UGC Guidelines.

Our College runs following Vocational courses as per local industry needs.

SN Name of Scheme Name of Course Duration
1 B.Voc B. Voc in Accounting & Taxation 3 Years
2 B.Voc Advanced Diploma in Accounting & Taxation 2 Year
3 B.Voc Diploma in Accounting & Taxation 1 Year
4 Community College Diploma in Computerised Accounting & Taxation 1 Year
5 Community College Certificate Course in GST 6 Months
6 Community College Certificate Course in E-Banking 6 Months


Vision: To provide for the skill development, apprenticeship and placement of student in the field of accounting and taxation.

Mission: Helping students in acquisition of skills, apprenticeship and placement of students for increasing employment opportunities through creation of talent in the field of accounting, taxation, managerial and communication skills.

List of Staff: Department has well qualified staff consisting of a pool of internal, guest, visiting and adjunct faculties supported by industry partners.

SN Name of Faculty Faculty Designation
1 Dr. Arif Anjum Md Saeed Internal Faculty Nodal Officer
2 Dr. Ishtiyaque Ah Iqbal Ah Internal Faculty Head of Dept.
3 Prof. Abuzar Shawkat Ejaz Internal Faculty Subject Expert
4 Prof. Shamoel Zaki Farooqui Internal Faculty Subject Expert
5 Dr. Shakeb Ahmed MH Internal Faculty Subject Expert
6 Prof. Imran Ahmad NA Internal Faculty Subject Expert
7 Prof. Chaugule Sharif Internal Faculty Subject Expert
8 Prof. Shah Akhtar Internal Faculty Subject Expert
9 Prof. Saad Aamir Internal Faculty Subject Expert


Highlights of the course:

  • There is multiple exit point for a candidate admitted in this course. If he/she is completing all the 6 semesters successfully, he/she will get B.Voc degree
  • If he/she is completing first 4 semesters successfully, he/she will get Advance Diploma. If he/she is completing first 2 semesters successfully, he/she will get Diploma
  • If he/she is completing 6 months successfully, he/she will get Certificate
  • Voc and Community College Courses are approved by University Grants Commission New Delhi and Syllabus approved by Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune.
  • Syllabus is prepared by college itself by keeping in mind needs of local powerloom industry.
  • Syllabus has a best blend of 40% theory and 60% practical part for enabling students well trained professionals.
  • Assessment is done by Skill Assessment Board consisting of academicians and industry partners for ensuring better evaluation of skill acquisition of students in order to suit requirement criteria of the industry.
  • After completion of B.Voc students are eligible for admission to PG and post PG for Research level.

How to Apply:

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