• Chemistry is a special subject in B. Sc 
  • Well equipped laboratory enriched with sophisticated and advanced instruments for Chemistry Practical’s like Colorimeter, Conductometer, Potentiometer, Magnetic stirrer and Abb Refractometer. 
  • At present year four Chemistry teachers and one laboratory assistance working in the department. 
  • Every year 25 to 30 students awarded by Chemistry degree 


  • To promote students interaction with faculty, society, industries and laboratories.
  • Use of modern educational technology in lectures and laboratory courses and development of innovative instructional technique 


  • To offer Skillful and effective programs along with the undergraduate courses, to develop knowledge with skill.
  • Must recognized by institution of higher learning for excellence in teaching, mentorship of students.


  Sr. No Name of the Teacher Designation Qualification 
01Fauziya Perveen Khursheed Ahmed H. O. D M. Sc., B. Ed Physical Chemistry 
02Rizwan Ahmed Saleem Ahmed Assist Prof. M. Sc. Organic Chemistry 
03Rahmani Mudassir Nehal Ahmed Assist Prof. M. Sc., B. Ed Organic Chemistry 
04Sana Parveen Kamran Ahmed Assist Prof. M. Sc.,B. Ed  Inorganic Chemistry