Introduction :-

MGV’s, Arts, Commerce, & Science College, Malegaon City was established in 1971 and running various Courses like
B.A.,B.Com, B.Sc.,M.Com, DCAT, B.Voc. etc. We have a Placement & Carrier Counseling Cell in our college which looks after the placement of all types of students studding in our college. We help the students for setting their aims and goals and taking right decision in right time and getting the desirable jobs. For that, we organize soft skills development programs, seminars, webinars, invited talks, campus interviews which helps the students to know the different careers in future.

Vision :-
To provide support and guidance which shape the students to a brighter future.
To groom students with Competencies and Employability Skills to become part of Top Companies.

Mission :-
To create employable workforce for the society.

Objectives :-
The purpose of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is to describe the standard procedure to be followed for Career
Counseling and Placement Cell.
The objectives of the Placement Cell are as follows.

 To bridge the gap between the stringent competition in the
industry and the talented students and alumni in the college.
 To give adequate training and support that the students
enhance their skills and understand how to show their
abilities in the best possible way.
 To provide support to the students which shape the
students to a brighter future.
 To provide guidance and mentoring for all choice based
career options like Placements, Entrepreneurship, Higher
Studies services.
 To guide students to choose right career and give knowledge
and skills.
 To assist students to develop their academic and career
interest and their short and long term goals through
individual counseling.
 To provide resources and activities to facilitates the career
planning process.
 To assist students in obtaining placements in companies.

Duties and Responsibilities :-
The duties and Responsibilities of the Placement Cell Coordinator are

Designations Duties and Responsibilities
Placement Cell

i) To organize various programs like –
  • Personality development.
  • Interpersonal & communication skills.
  • Career planning” and “career mapping.
  • CV Writing.
  • Group Discussion.
  • Personal Interview
ii) To correspond to prospective companies for
interview date and schedule of events.
iii) To arrange for interview facilities at the campus
and written test halls.
iv) To receive the personnel and provide necessary
inputs about the college and to co-ordinate placement coordinator for smooth functioning at
various locations (interview halls, written test halls,
canteen etc.).
v) To collect the appointment letters or correspond
to get them as soon as the interview is over.
vi) To distribute appointment letters and collect
acceptance letters from the students and dispatch to
vii) To identify a standby placement officer to take
over the responsibilities during the absence of
Placement Officer.
viii) To provide required training [Soft skills &
Technical] to the students based on the needs of the
company through external trainers or internal
resource members.

Procedures :-
• Registration of the all final year students for campus placement activities with respective departmental placement coordinators at the beginning of final year.
• Classification of student’s database by respective placement coordinators as per the standard eligibility criteria’s set by the companies and submitting the same to T and P Cell.
• Preparation of the summery of all data as received from departmental placement coordinators as per the classifications for quick sharing with companies as per demand.
• Conduction of assessment tests as freely provided by vendors to all the registered students to assess student’s skills and readiness for the campus recruitment and analysis of the same.
• Based on the assessment result, to arrange soft skill and technical skills training courses preferably for all students. T and P cell recommends that all students should undergo soft skill and technical skills trainings before appearing recruitment process.
• Sending campus placement invite to all companies for on-campus recruitment and follow-up there on with them.
• Confirmation of campus recruitment dates on mutually convenient days.
• Sending information to students as well as the concern placement coordinators about the schedule of the company visit and other details as shared by the company at least three days in advance.
• Execution of the on-campus recruitment process with the help of the students members of the T and P Cell, departmental placement
• Announcement of recruitment result to the concern participant students as well as to the concern departments once shared by the company and displaying the same on college notice boards.
• Confirmation of acceptance of the offer letter from the selected student and sending the acknowledgement to the concern company within one day from the announcement of the recruitment result.
• Necessary follow ups with selected students to submit the copies of the offer letter to T and P cell as well as to concern departmental placement coordinator.
• Receiving applications from students selected for the internship and / or students interested for applying for internship and to issue them college covering letter. To receive a copy of the internship completion certificates as received by them from the Concern Company / organization.
• Organization of carrier guidance seminars for the students i.e. higher studies opportunities after UG, PG and preparation for the competitive examinations leading to these courses in first week at the start of the academic year.
• Organization of mock campus placement drives to perform better in campus placement in first week at the start of the academic year.
• Prepare a report of the overall activities organized by the placement Cell Department and send to the IQAC of the college.

Reporting :-
The Coordinator of Placement Cell submit the report of activities after organizing the activity by the Placement
Cell Department during the academic year time to time to the IQAC Department with necessary documents.
In report following information is given systematically.